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It’s best you don’t try to put Emma Dilemma in a box. The self-described ‘patron saint of self sabotage’ combines her penchant for viewing life through an absurdist lens with her love for melody and storytelling to create serious music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Emma Dilemma’s solo music work has evolved into a lesson in irreverent self-acceptance and claiming back ownership of one’s image. “I used to try and define myself by my dreams or what I wanted to be, but now I realise a large strength of mine is that I can do anything I put my mind to, really.” So with that, Emma fuses her love for 90s grunge, bubble gum pop, hip hop, and a hint of dance for good measure, essentially making music that she loves and considers it an added bonus that fans are keen to join the ride.

“My main passion is the story behind the music and then translating that into performance of the story,” she explains “I've been performing since I was 5 as a dancer and 15 as a live musician. Connecting with the audience and telling the story, sharing a laugh or a cry or a dance, is what drives me."

She spent 2021 releasing 6 songs and music videos, which ended up being packaged into an EP titled ‘SIDE A’ after it became apparent that an album release and touring was off the table for 2021. The first half of 2022 saw her releasing a further 3 songs and music videos - and with restrictions comfortably eased, Emma was finally able to release debut album, ‘SPIT’ on Friday 1st July 2022, which debuted at #3 on the New Zealand Offical Album Charts, and was met with critical acclaim and fan praise alike.

"Is it a track to show your grandma? Probably not. Is it a track to get shit-faced to in a car park? Absolutely.The self-confessed “Patron saint of self-sabotage” has the attitude and talent to make it across the pond and beyond." - Happy Mag


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"...her song titles alone provide evidence of Why We Should Give A Shit about Emma Dilemma. Like her, they don’t beat around the bush, witness tracks like Cooperate, Idiot and I Want It. With the diversity of genre she embraces it can be hard to decide on a personal favourite, they are songs for diverse moments of heightened emotion." - NZ Musician Magazine


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Record Label: Warner Music New Zealand
Jim Marshall jim.marshall@warnermusic.com &
Stevi Hill stevi.hill@warnermusic.com

Management: Tiny Triumphs Management
Artist Manager: tom@tinytriumphsmanagement.com
Bookings: edmin@tinytriumphsmanagement.com

"[She] rocked through all 11 tracks from Spit in running order, featuring plenty of entertaining banter between songs. The crowd was into it and the sound was perfect. So despite all the odds, rock & roll was the winner on the night." - The 13th Floor