Get ready to celebrate in style, folks, because it's time for The Emma Dilemma Birthday Bash!

Emma Dilemma is turning another year wiser (or maybe not), and she's decided to throw the most epic birthday party of the century. But wait, it's not your average cake-and-candles affair; it's a rock 'n' roll extravaganza that's gonna blow your god damn socks off!

Our headliner, the one and only Emma Dilemma, is ready to take the stage at LOONS for the first time and show Lyttelton how to party like a rockstar. With her sassy lyrics and killer guitar skills, she's guaranteed to have you dancing 'til the cows come home (or at least until the music stops).

But that's not all, folks! We've got a special treat for you in the form of our incredible support act, Floodgate. These prog-rock musical wizards are here to make sure the party never stops, and they're bringing their A-game to the LOONS stage.

And wait, there's more! We also have the OUTRAGEOUS drag queen, Jack Swallows hosting the night and putting on a performance for us! Jack Swallows, the Jack of all trades, Swallows by name, Swallows by nature. Jack is a multifaceted entertainer in the drag and burlesque universes and can give you glam, comedy, or freaktastic. Jack is a triple threat (if you consider eating, sleeping, and proudly wearing crocs threatening).

And to wrap up the night, we have DJ Thanks. spinning us some cold hard bangers! Thanks. likes small coffees and large wines. Dangelo is his favourite person in the whole world. He used to be really good at djing, but now he works in marketing and life is a little boring and he has rsi. So naturally he's very excited to fumble through his collection of mp3s to celebrate old mates birthday.

So grab your dancing shoes, put on your party hats, and head on down to the LOONS in Lyttelton. Emma Dilemma's birthday bash is gonna be the talk of the town, and you won't want to be the one who missed out on the fun. Let's rock, roll, and celebrate Emma's dilemma-filled birthday in style!

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